Hanna Hadzic

Hanna Hadzic

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'8"/173 cm
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Bust 32"/81 cm
Waist 26"/66 cm
Hips 35"/89 cm
Bra 32B/85B
Shoes 7 1/2 /38
Pronouns She/Her

Makeup Shades

MAC Mineralize Foundation Nw20

Hair Notes


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Everyone is an artist but not everyone knows it.

I want my influence to inspire creativity and validity. I really want to be able to excite people about utilizing any creative outlet for expression since it really helped me in my journey as a human!

Hanna Hadzic is a Bosnian-American public artist pursuing a Bachelors in Sculpture at the University of North Florida. Born and raised in Jacksonville, a city with a continuously growing arts community, Hadzic has been exposed to a multitude of art forms and expressive practices. Being inspired by the weird and whimsical, Hadzic began working as a clown which soon evolved into modeling as one for local vintage stores and creative photographers. The modeling opportunities in Jacksonville were lacking so Hadzic, along with a group of close friends and artists took some initiative to collaborate. From organizing and designing shoots to throwing photo events, modeling became a wonderful outlet of expression. where the self could be utilized in composition. Being authentic with your person is an incredibly important aspect of personal and professional growth to which Hadzic believes that the good you put out comes back around. This mindset has lead to many meaningful achievements, including co-opening a local chapter of an international nonprofit, the FIGMENT project, playing in multiple bands, as well as starting a public art career for both 2D and 3D works.

My loved ones are incredible sources of inspiration. My best friends are artists, musicians, and overall creative people. That constantly encourages my own drive. We collaborate often and that’s a fantastic source of inspiration as well

How do you define beauty?
… as anything that brings an emotional reaction: someone joyous at the sight of nature, someone crying from a poem, even someone laughing so hard stuff comes out of their nose—that’s beautiful in my book.