Higgins Twins

Higgins Twins

Measurements & additional information

Height 6'3"/190 cm
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Neck 16" 1/2/42 cm
Chest 40"/102 cm
Waist 32"/81 cm
Inseam 34"/86 cm
Sleeves 36"/91 cm
Suit 40/50
Shoes 12/46 1/2
Pronouns He/Him

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What’s your superpower?
… honesty.

Raised in the silent cave of the Inland Empire, Devin Higgins grew up surrounded by two of his biggest passions; music and sports. At the age of 18, Devin and his twin bother Gaberial moved to Los Angeles, where they were scouted by a photographer and began their modeling career. Right off the bat, the duo were featured in Kenzo’s global campaign, lensed by David LaChapelle.

An accomplished musician, Devin plays the piano/keyboards and has released three albums. His music is a blend of electronic, ethereal, ambient, and psychedelic instrumental, steming from one of his biggest inspirations, his uncle Dereck Higgins. In addition to working on a new album, Devin is currently working on a degree in Engineering and Civil Engineering.