Nadia Blocker

Nadia Blocker

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'10"/178 cm
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Bust 29"/74 cm
Waist 27"/69 cm
Hips 40"/102 cm
Bra 32B/85B
Shoes 10 1/2 /41
Pronouns They/Them/She/Her

Hair Notes

3C/4A, currently short. Heat OK.

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How do you define beauty?

… as a feeling rather than a thing, like love. To feel beautiful is to be beautiful. My beauty is my fluidity, the embodiment of the masculine and feminine in one. My beauty changes each day. Beauty is open-mindedness, transcendence, and change.


Nadia is a British-American model and scientist currently studying for their Masters in Public Health. Having started modelling while at University in England, recently they have been spending their time between New York and London, always curious, moving and trying to find the perfect ramen. They are non-binary, a Gemini and confident they are on the right path!