Philomena Kwao

Philomena Kwao

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'10"/178 cm
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Waist 38"/96 cm
Hips 54"/137 cm
Bra 40D/105D
Shoes 11/41 1/2
Pronouns She/Her

Makeup Shades

Estee Lauder Double wear 7n

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Born and raised in London by Ghanaian parents, Philomena Kwao never thought she would enter the world of modeling, as school was always at the top of her priorities. From a young age, Philomena was fascinated by the healthcare system in developing countries, and wanted to work with The World Health Organization. Growing up as a 1st generation immigrant in the UK, she always appreciated the privilege of the NHS, after seeing how polarized the healthcare system was in other countries, including Ghana, the country her parents call home. While visiting, she noticed how hard it was to obtain medicine, even the basics like Advil. While working on her Master’s degree, a close friend and model encouraged her to attend a model call / competition, which she went on to win. The prize? A one year contact with Evans as well as a contract with Models1. Her look; dark skin and a shaven head was very progressive at the time.

After finishing her Master’s Degree in International Health Management, Philomena decided it was time to move to the States. She has worked with many notable clients including MAC Cosmetics, Nordstroms, Sports Illustrated, L’Oréal, and various Estée Lauder campaigns. When not modeling, Philomena spends her time writing, and is currently working on a blog titled “The Philes”, where she discusses her journey as a Black career woman transitioning to motherhood, loving her body, owning her self and story, as well as various issues that affect Black women in the UK. She is also still very active in the Philanthropic world, most notably being an Ambassador for Women for Women International. Her advocacy for women’s health has brought her to war-torn regions of Nigeria, as well as Washington DC to speak at various fundraisers. To read any of her numerous published articles, one need just search her name.

What’s your superpower?

… the ability to always see the ‘other side.’