JAG is a work in progress — a future-forward philosophy as much as a modeling agency.

In 2013, we set out to create an inclusive agency dedicated to transforming industry standards. Over the past decade that vision has evolved, as have our models. 

That’s why we’re listening to them more closely and asking more questions, changing our language and magnifying their stories. It’s part of our ongoing mission to eliminate boxes — to stop talking about stereotypes and start talking about more important things.

Together, we’re removing barriers around size, weight, gender, and race. We’re solely focusing on what individuals bring to the table. We’ll take a chance on anybody if we believe in them, because belief is the tie that binds JAG: our belief in our models, their belief in themselves, and their belief in each other. 

By championing people who boldly challenge preconceptions, we’re redefining beauty. We’re setting a new bar of representation. But as soon as we reach it, we’ll move it.