Ariel Kellogg

Ariel Kellogg

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'7" 1/2/172 cm
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Bust 37"/94 cm
Waist 32"/81 cm
Hips 42"/107 cm
Bra 34C/90C
Shoes 9/39 1/2
Pronouns She/Her

Hair Notes

Loose wavy curls. Prefers natural curls.

Follow Ariel

Having grown up in a small town in Western New York, Ariel always fantasized about modeling, flipping through magazines religiously in awe of the models she would see. Amazed by their beauty, confidence, and their clothes; it was a form of escapism.

How do you define a model? “… as someone who radiates confidence, personality, and beauty—whatever shape, size, or color they may be.“

Outside of modeling, Ariel has a successful Jewelry company, ARIEL KELLOGG. Her pieces are all 1/1 and hand painted. For as long as she could remember, Ariel has always expressed herself creatively; drawing, coloring, and making crafts.  It has been her greatest and proudest joy to share her work and see them being worn and loved.