Cassandra Mayela

Cassandra Mayela

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'7"/170 cm
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Bust 35" 1/2/90 cm
Waist 27"/69 cm
Hips 39"/99 cm
Bra 34DD/90DD
Shoes 7/37 1/2
Pronouns She/Her

Hair Notes

Natural soft waves. Heat Ok

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Cassandra Mayela Allen (b. 1989, Venezuela) lives and works in New York since 2014, when she was forced to migrate from Venezuela. Cassandra Mayela Allen is a self-taught artist with a background in graphic and textile design. Her practice delves into identity, migration, and belonging, drawing from personal experiences, research and conversations. Her work gravitates towards the use and creative blends of textiles and found materials, exploring their unique storytelling potential, preserving and reimagining memories through material transformation and embracing sustainability.

Through research, conversations, audience participation, and engaging with textiles and collected and found material, she creates community-oriented work that informs how fundamental changes in fabric can affect one’s perception of identity, highlighting new waves of empowerment.