Everything Omega

Everything Omega

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'9"/175 cm
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Bust 40"/102 cm
Waist 32"/81 cm
Hips 46" 1/2/118 cm
Bra 36DD/95DD
Shoes 10/40 1/2
Pronouns She/Her

Makeup Shades

Elf Coco Foundation

Hair Notes

Dreadlocks, No heat

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Everything Omega is a singer songwriter, model, and all around mascot of positivity. Omega has always been in love with singing since she could speak. In 2019 she released an EP titled “Before The Sun Sets” and toured throughout the US. After taking a pause on music Omega decided to venture off into a new lane of artistic expression.

What’s your superpower? “… being me, my funny, sweet, authentic self!“

She later signed to JAG Models in 2020 where she would experience a whole new side of the world. It has been a whirlwind of beautiful experiences, learning lessons, and much needed growth.