Londyn Harris

Londyn Harris

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'10"/178 cm
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Bust 34"/86 cm
Waist 28" 1/2/72 cm
Hips 42" 1/2/108 cm
Bra 34B/90B
Shoes 10/40 1/2
Pronouns She/Her

Makeup Shades

Milk Makeup Matte Foundation - Caramel

Hair Notes

Curl Pattern 4A, Open to braid options with advance notice.

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Born and raised in North Hollywood, CA, Londyn Harris is an Angeleno whose passions include music, herbalism, education, theology, and holistic health. Growing up, she spent much of her time reading books on history and mythology, frequenting her local farmer’s markets, and fostering a love for the outdoors. She springs from a multicultural upbringing, with her mother being Jamaican/Cuban and her father being Sudanese/Egyptian/Moroccan. Because of this blend of culture, and her mother’s lifelong career in music, Londyn was exposed to music from all eras and places, which she continues to cherish to this day.

Londyn had done jobs here and there throughout her childhood, but was properly scouted via TikTok at 17 while making videos during her junior and senior years of high school, all during covid. She views her TikTok account as a fun and gratifying medium for self-expression, posting everything from skincare routines, to anecdotes, to book and music recommendations. Since being signed with JAG, Londyn has worked with brands such as Realisation Par, The Hundreds, American Eagle, Kim Shui, and Steve Madden.

Outside of modeling, Londyn spends her free time studying herbalism, alchemy, and yoga. She also just started playing the electric bass, influenced by one of her favorite musicians, Esperanza Spalding. In the future, she plans on starting a community garden, becoming a theologian, and traveling the world.


How do you define beauty?

… as something that lights up your heart and captures your senses.