Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson

Measurements & additional information

Height 5'11"/180 cm
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue-green
Bust 44"/112 cm
Waist 39" 1/2/100 cm
Hips 50"/127 cm
Bra 40DD/105DD
Shoes 11/41 1/2
Pronouns She/Her

Makeup Shades

It Cosmetics, CC Cream, Light/Medium

Hair Notes

Wavy, Heat OK

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Olivia Wilson was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. Upon graduating from the School of Visual Arts, she was given the opportunity to model and has been doing so ever since! She has found that this career allows for her passions to be funded without losing her love for them. Her artwork showcases her joy for thinking conceptually of innovative and humorous solutions, and usually carrying out these designs in a handcrafted manner. In her free time, she can be found wood-burning, painting, drawing, or editing a new video dressed in her cosplay.