Measurements & additional information

Height 5'10"/178 cm
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Bust 35" 1/2/90 cm
Waist 28" 1/2/72 cm
Hips 40"/102 cm
Bra 34C/90C
Shoes 8 1/2 /39
Pronouns SHE/HER

Hair Notes


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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tehya Elam never would have guessed that a makeup test she modeled for as a side project would go viral, and change her life forever. An industry favorite for her uniquely soft features and strawberry blonde hair, Tehya has worked with various clients across the board, including Victoria’s Secret, Area, Christopher John Rodgers, and has graced the pages of Numero Russia, Document Journal, British Vogue and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

When not traversing the world for work, Tehya always finds time to take a moment to get back in tune with herself and her spirituality. She also loves to write, be it poems, short stories, or even inspirational quotes. Always one to reflect on her life, Tehya has really enjoyed seeing how her career has changed her’s and her family’s life, taking them to new heights she never dreamed were possible. When it comes to her career, Tehya has vowed to always spread light wherever she goes, and one certainly does feel the warmth, when in her presence.

What influence would you like to have on others?

… to inspire them to live in peace. There are so many obstacles to overcome throughout this journey, but to do so through a peaceful practice would vibrate higher energy, universally.